Felix Chidi Idiga (born June 30, 1963), is a Nigerian Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Politician. He is the CEO of JAFAC Group which he founded in 1989.

Born ? Felix Chidi Idiga, June 30, 1963 (Age 54). Dim-Oma Ofeahia, Amifeke, Orlu, Imo State, Nigeria.

Nationality ? Nigeria

Occupation ? Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Politician.

Known For ? JAFAC Group and JAFAC Foundations.

Notable Work ? JAFAC Construction / JAFAC Aviation

Political Party ? All Progressives Congress (APC)

Spouse ? Chief Mrs. Chinyere Idiga

Children ? Four (4)

Website ? www.jafacgroup.com

Growing up and Education

Felix Chidi Idiga had a lowly and humble beginning, spurring him into an early stint in entrepreneurship. After a distinctive basic education, young Felix was saddled with the responsibility of charting a course for his academic sojourn. In spite of the hassles of mixing the daunting task of wresting a livelihood and pushing the frontiers of further education, his resolve was total. He bagged a B.Sc. Honours degree in Political science from the prestigious University of Lagos, Akoka in 1996. Felix is a recipient of a number honorary awards for his sterling performances in both academic and business pursuits. He has attended several local and International business courses and seminars in leadership and business management.


Felix Chidi Idiga is an astute business man who built his empire with honesty and good Corporate governance. He’s also one of the highest employers of labour in Nigeria, driven by the fact that the African must lead the way in the emancipation of the continent. He’s the CEO of JAFAC group. Mostly popular with JAFAC Aviation, A strong player in the Aviation Industry with its Aircraft Charter services. The group also includes, JAFAC Aviation, JAFAC Maritime, JAFAC Construction company, JAFAC Automobile, JAFAC Car accessories, JAFAC Database, JAFAC Oil and Gas, JAFAC Wine Yagoo, JAFAC hospitality industries JAFAC investment company, JAFAC foundation, JAFAC agriculture and JAFAC dredging/offshore services.

Philanthropic Activities

Felix Chidi Idiga is a humanist who appears once in a century and is driven by an unbridled enthusiasm to eradicate poverty and make the world a better place, starting from his immediate community. This he has dedicated his life to. Driven by his love for Development, Chief FELIX IDIGA single handedly built the Ihie link road, Ohaji Egbema LGA, Obeakpu-Ihie Link Road, Phase 2-Agbor-Ikor Umuezeh Road, Phase 1 Ohaji Egbema LGA-Fishing Gear/ Boat Ohaji Egbema LGA-Agbor-Igbor Umuezhi, Ohaji Egbema LGA-Rufus Obiakor Road, Amaifeke Orlu.-Amaaliaumuokwelle Umuekwelle Road -Old Orlu/Owerri Road, Orlu LGA-Okwu-Emekuku Road-Mike Dad Road, Orlu LGA-Ndokwere Road Amaifeke, Orlu LGA-Okeremeje Road Orlu LGA-Nwaeku Road, Okeremeje, Orlu LGA-Umuduru Internal Road, Okporo, Orlu LGA-Ibenye Road, Amaifeke Orlu LGA-Oleme Internal Road, Orlu LGA-Anunihu Amaifeke-Ihioma Link Road, Orlu LGA-Umuezeala Ogwara Road, Ehime Mbano, Imo state.


His passion for societal development through public service spurred him into contesting for the Imo west Senatorial Zone (Accord Party) in 2015. He holds the following grassroot position in the State:

State Leader, APC (Imo)
Amaifeke ward Leader, (APC)
Imo West Senatorial Candidate
Patron, Orlu Zonal Youth Movement

Awards and Honours

Orlu Zone Youth Movement, Philanthropist of the year Award ? 2005

Imo Business Forum, Industrialist of the year Award ? 2010

Nzuko Odimma Igbo Forum, Pillar of the Igbos Award ? 2007

National Republican Congressional Committee, United States of America, Californian Businessman of the year Award ? 2001



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